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Products >> SHELTERS

Citadel provides several ranges of shelters for all require-ments, from transport interchange shelters and walkways to individual purpose built structures used as smoking shelters, ticket machine and petrol pump canopies. We provide either our own designed and manufactured units or provide a full design, test and manufacturing service to provide exactly what you the customer demands.

With our resources and skills we can provide shelters in a wide range of configurations and materials including steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Aluminium extrusions, plastic mouldings and composites can also be provided to give distinctive style and durability.

Citadels range of shelters provides for all configurations with either flat, pitched or curved roof modules, and with the options of 6mm thick polycarbonate through to 12mm glass for the vertical panel glazing.

All types of finish are available including powder coating, paint and galvanised.

Integrated or freestanding seats are available to match in with the shelters, as are timetable cases, flags and IP65 vandal resistant lighting units.

Citadel provides a very comprehensive range of shelters and structures for all requirements.

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